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Xavier's Story

Xavier is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, band leader, and private instructor working in Denver, CO. He composes and performs cinematic and adventurous music to encourage video game enthusiasts and musicians alike to further explore the wonders of music. 

As a musician who has always loved video games, his passion for digital music influenced him to the point where he dedicated his life to music at 7 years old. From there, he went on to sing, play, and compose for various festivals, chamber ensembles, and honor ensembles. He now attends the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver.

Since beginning university, Xavier has greatly broadened his musical horizons. Anticipating graduation in 2024, he hopes to continue inspiring others through the music he creates while exploring different avenues and facets of music as a whole.

Xavier’s love for video game music has stayed with him the entire time. Musicians such as Yoko Shimomura and Hirokazu Tanaka remain his heroes even through his robust and polystylistic education. Xavier plans to compose professionally for large-scale projects and franchises.

Click below to download One-Sheet bio and Resume

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